My Research


I am conducting research in the areas of Industrial Sociology, Industrial Relations, and Political Economy. Since 2004, I am member of the Work and Employment Relations Research Unit (WERU). The main focus of my research is on trade union issues and the organisation of work in the automobile industry.

My current research projects deal with the decentralisation of collective bargaining in the German engineering industry, and with management practices at Toyota's overseas operations. Previously, I've conducted research in the areas of teamwork, collective bargaining (in the UK), “Lean Production” and Japanese management practices, the “German Production Model” and working organisation in the German car industry, and work/life balance.

As Publishing Editor of the European Political Economy Review, and committee member of the International Employment Relations Association, I am particularly committed to comparative issues.

A list of my publications relating to these research projects is available here.

NB: This page is work in progress. I’ll write more soon.


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