My big passions are (in no particular order) sports, the arts, travelling, photography, and reading.

Sports: My favourite sports, which I do more or less regularly, are (alpine) skiing, squash, and hiking, as well as outdoor fitness training with British Military Fitness (far better than any gym).

Arts: London is great for anyone who likes the arts - which I do. I regularly visit London’s theatres (my favourite is the NT) and art galleries (I am member of the Tate, and a Friend of the Royal Academy). Furthermore, I often go to the cinema and to gigs, and I have a big passion for Architecture - which is why I have started studying it (at the age of 33).

Travelling: Another big passion of mine is travelling. In the past years, I have been to 40 countries on all continents (ok, excluding Antarctica), and last year alone, I’ve been to 13 countries.

The map on the right shows the places I have been to recently.

Photography: Since as long as I can remember, I’ve been taking photos. I particularly like to take photos of landscapes and architecture, and I always take many pictures when I’m travelling. A few of my holiday photos are here, and a few others shots are here  - but most of my photos are still slumbering in old shoe-boxes, awaiting to be digitised.

Reading: Reading is probably my biggest pastime. I read lots - I love newspapers, subscribe to various journals, and read many novels as well as non-fiction (in particular books on arts and architecture).

Photo: in the Shropshire Hills, near Church Stretton © Niels Wergin-Cheek 2007 • Website last updated 30/04/2010


“When your hobbies get in the way of your work - that's OK; but when your hobbies get in the way of themselves... well...” (Steve Martin)